“Shirin” was the first  iranian queen after islam. She ruled northern parts of Iran such as Gilan, Rey and Hamadan.

One day she was informed that a messenger is deputing King Mahmood Ghaznavi. The King Mahmood had written to her: “Obey me or be prepared  for war”.

The queen asked the messenger: “ what will happen if I refuse his demand?”

The messenger answered: “ Then he will occupy your land”.

So the queen wrote a letter answering Kings request: “If you try to occupy my land I will fight against you. If I kill you , historins will write a woman killed King Mahmood, if you kill me , they will write King killed a woman.”

After hearing her smart answer ,Mahmood never attacked her land.

The great iranian philosopher says : “Elites gain happiness out of fire”.

The queen lived a long life and was a righteous governer.

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